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Modular CMM & Vision Fixtures

The R&R Fixture is a modular fixturing system that is designed for use with Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) and Vision Machines. Our fixtures are easy to use, affordable and can be used to setup any part regardless of size, shape or material. R&R Sales and Engineering is helping to increase productivity in thousands of companies worldwide; from aerospace, appliances, automotive, electronics, industrial, medical and numerous others. R&R can give you the complete fixturing solution.

R & R Fixtures
R & R Fixtures
Suction Cup Part Holding
Magnetic Part Holding

Problem SolversProblem Solvers

With over 15 years of experience with touch probes and backlighting on both CMM and vision systems, they are able to design and build fixtures that are correct the first time. R&R's expertise shows when designing a fixture with probe clearances and access points in the most efficient way. Their in-house design engineering staff will work with you to first concept and then fully design the best fixture for your application.

3D FixtureBuilderMake fixturing a snap

3D fixture modeling software, FixtureBuilder© , enables you to import your part's CAD model and create a fixture setup, then export the complete fixture setup including your part to your Measurement software. This innovative CAD software allows you to drag and snap your way to simpler 3D documenting. Case studies have shown FixtureBuilders, documentation, improves the productivity and repeatability of part and fixture set-ups. Documentation can be used to comply with ISO, QS, and other standardizations.

Vision FixtureThe clear advantage

Each vision fixture is made with a precision acrylic base plate that allows for back lighting and a clear, clean look at the part. Fixture base plates can be customized to fit and mount to your vision stage. The fixture base plates are alpha-numerically labeled for documenting your part setups. Components are also labeled with a part number for easy identification and documentation.

This R & R product catalog has been divided into sections for ease of download

Suction Cups and Adjustables
Standoffs and Miscellaneous
Clamps and Magnets
Suction Cups and Adjustables

Towers and Extentions
Complete Product Catalog


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